Creating Your ID Lanyards For Promotional Purposes

ID lanyards have come a long way from holding identification cards. They have become an important part of school uniforms as well as the corporate world because students and employees are required to display their IDs all the time. Moreover, many people use lanyards for a variety of other purposes. For instance, they can now hold a flash drive, keys, and even a mobile phone. When people wear them in public, they can grab attention, especially if they are attractive enough. Because of this, they have also become a great way to promote a brand or even help raise funds for charities.

ID Lanyards

Now, if you are considering using a lanyard for promotional purposes during your next event, we are here to help you with the whole process. From the experts of our team, consider this article as your guide to creating the perfect promotional item.

We know that at first, designing and ordering your ID lanyards may seem a daunting task. There are lots of styles and options available, so you may find it hard to decide where to begin. Although there are so many options for customizing your lanyards, it is nearly impossible to come up with an ugly one. Designing your custom lanyards can just be a matter of deciding which works perfectly well with your ideas.

Styles to Choose From

Before anything else, you need to choose the style for the lanyard of your organization. This includes what fabric you should use and also determines what their overall look would be.

Here are the styles you can choose from:

• Polyester

LanyardsThis is a really good starting point for creating your lanyards. As a manufacturer of ID lanyards for a long time now, we know for a fact that polyester lanyards are the most popular style among customers. They feature a distinct image quality and they have superior wear comfort.

• Tubular

This style is also made from the same material as polyester lanyards, but these are tube-stitched, which have the same look as shoelaces. Because of the manufacturing process, tubular lanyards can hold ink more easily and use less material at the same time. They are less expensive compare to other lanyard styles.

• Woven

Just like the first two styles mentioned, woven lanyards also use polyester material, but they have one basic difference. Rather than printing the design on the material, we weave the design into the fabric. We make sure that they would last for many years and the design would not scratch off.

• Nylon

Badge HolderIf you want a distinct look for your design, nylon lanyards are ideal for you. Nylon is also the most durable material we offer. We want to make sure reliability, shine, and quality construction of the end product. For a durable, good-looking lanyard, nylon lanyards are what you are looking for.

• Dye sublimated

Rather than printing the design on top of the fabric, we will dye the design directly into the polyester material of your ID lanyards. As long as your design fits, we can dye nearly anything into the lanyard. The best thing about them is that their design will not fade, wear off, or crack that is why they are considered an industrial strength type of lanyards.

• Cord

Cord lanyards are the latest style of lanyard. There are perfect for you if you want to achieve a classic, clean look. They are comfortable to wear and offer superb visibility for your design.


Once you have decided on your lanyard style, you have to choose an attachment. There are attachments that come free with your order and you also have options for paid attachments. The free attachments include bulldog clip, thumb trigger, and key ring; and for a small additional fee, you can choose from plastic j hook, thumb hook, carabiner hook, and cell phone loop.


Design is the most important thing to consider if you will use your ID lanyards for promotional purposes. Depending on your chosen style, you can include your company logo, message, and other text. Do not worry if you only have a simple idea for your design because our professional graphic artists can help you come up with a unique, good-looking design. We can work together to make the design just right for your needs.

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Lanyards are ideal for just about any workplace, school or other organization. If you want a great giveaway item for your next trade show, custom lanyards are ideal. Visit here wholesalelanyards for more information about lanyards.

Tips on Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Somewhere in the world, at any given time, someone is looking for their new home. A person could be looking for a new house that fits his budget and preferences such as where he wants to live and if he has companions who are going to live with him. The right person to help him would be a competent real estate agent.

However, looking for the best real estate agent to lead him to the right home could be a challenge for the person in the market for a new dwelling. There are many real estate agencies that could be found online, though how many are credible is up in the air. Fortunately, there are ways to discern whether or not a real estate agency is worth working with.

Here are some of the ways that a person could assess the real estate agent he is talking to and worthy of hiring:


• Get in touch with the agent’s past clients

real estateThis may seem a little intrusive, but it will give a buyer a good idea on how the real estate agent works with people. He could ask for a list of past clients from the real estate agent. He also has to remember to ask which ones would prefer not to be called or talked to. Some good questions to ask past clients is how much the asking price and the final sale price were.

If you are a seller looking for an agent to help you sell your property, you can ask if the agent has helped sell any similar types of property in the past and what his experiences with those past sales were.

For the buyer, an important question to ask would be how long the property has been up for sale. Properties that have been for sale for a long, long time are potential red flags. This could be followed up with the question as to why the property has been for sale for so long.

• Check the agent’s licensing and credentials

A quick check in the state’s board of licensed real estate agents will let a person see what kind of real estate agent he is dealing with. Red flags to look out for are if that real estate agent has had any past cases, complaints filed against him, and the types of disciplinary actions that have been taken.

Good real estate agents are those who have been commended by their peers, especially those with awards or other forms of recognition. This means that they are well-respected within the real estate community and can be trusted. It is also good to see how long this real estate agent has been practicing and how long the brokerage he works for has been operating.


There are also several credentials that could apply to one real estate agent but not to another. This is because even real estate agents have specializations, much like doctors. For instance, there are real estate agents that specialize in dealing with buyers and seller that are above 50 years old. There are also real estate agents that specialize in representing the buyer during a transaction. Checking a real estate agent’s credentials before hiring him will guarantee that he knows exactly what he is doing and that he can address the client’s needs.

• Asking what else is for sale in the area

Good real estate agents will know their area of coverage like the back of their hand. They will be able to provide a few details to any prospective buyer about other houses in the area for sale or have just been recently sold. This allows the buyer to be able to make note of what the prices are for the houses for sale and how much the other houses were sold for. If the real estate agent knows the area very well, then that means that he will be able to answer any questions that the client may have about moving to that area, as well as address any concerns that he might have.

With these tips, a person will be able to narrow down the list of real estate agents that he could work with and start interviewing them more in depth. Reputable real estate agents will be able to give their clients the best service that they could give and be able to lead them to the right property that they could call home.

Author Bio: will help you to sell your property, you can ask if the agent has helped sell any similar types of property in the past and what his experiences with those past sales were.

Different Uses And Styles Of Custom Lanyards

A lot of people commonly use custom lanyards to hold identification or ID cards, tickets, and badges. They are normally used in corporations, conventions, trade fairs, business establishments, prisons, and hospitals. For the most part, the lanyards we manufacture have an end that has a clip or other attachment meant to hold the ID or badge. Other uses of lanyards include keychain (preventing loss of the item) and pen holder (to access easily).

Company Use

The use of a lanyard in a company extends from the executive people to regular employees, as well as guests. Using different methods, the logo, name, and/or message are printed on the lanyards. Some of the printing methods used include: heat transfer, screen printing, offset printing, and Jacquard loom weaving.

Company use is one of the conventional uses of lanyards, but they also have unconventional uses.

Safety Switches

Now, who would have thought that some people also use lanyards as safety switches? Yes, jet-skis and some heavy industrial machines used on trains, on treadmills, and for cutting use a lanyard as safety switches. In the industry sector, they are called dead man’s switches or kill switches. The end of the custom lanyards is connected to the machine and when the user gets injured all of a sudden, the cord will pull the switch in order to make the machine stop working.


There are multifunctional lanyards that have a breakaway feature. This helps the user to avoid choking or hanging. When the lanyard is pressed or pulled on the breakaway, it will be separated from the user. Often, lanyards with the breakaway feature are used in factories in which workers operate machineries. They are also being used in schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and some other healthcare facilities.

For Security

Lanyards are also essential to mountaineers and lineman utilities. Lineman workers use lanyards to secure themselves, thus avoiding accidental falling. This kind of lanyard is also used by trekkers and mountain climbers in their outdoor recreational activities like rock climbing. To make sure that the custom lanyards are really durable, they are made from strong nylon material, and then attached to a ring or metal carabiner that you can loosen or tighten. The mountaineer or worker wears the strap to secure them into the sturdy and fixed pole.

Law Enforcement

Operatives of law enforcement also use lanyards to secure their firearms and hold them safe during missions.

Woven Lanyards

When we manufacture woven lanyards, they are normally made from polyester material. They are almost similar to polyester printed lanyards, except that the logo or name is not printed, and instead woven into the material. The process of weaving is similar to embroidery, which is the process used in making patches. For most people, the look and feel of this kind of lanyard is more professional. These custom lanyards do not easily fade even when they get wet and they are also stronger. We can create the best woven lanyards for you based on your preferred theme or color.
Custom lanyards
For about $2.50 per piece, you can purchase a woven lanyard with a minimum order of 100 pieces. The good thing about it is that we can ship it right at your doorstep. You can upgrade your order by adding some attachments like badge holders.

Full Color Lanyards

Another style we use in manufacturing lanyards is full color. This is suitable for your company if you want colorful patterned designs. Sublimation process is the method used to apply color. Rainbow, dye, and camouflage are some of the patterned designs suitable for full color lanyards. However, due to the sublimation process, the color might not be precisely the same as the original. These lanyards are ideal for those who like to fully personalize their items.

For a minimum of 100 pieces, custom full color lanyards can be bought for $2.83 per piece.

For us, the most important thing in manufacturing custom lanyards is reliability, price, and the quality of our products.

Lanyards as tokens for your occasion participants or searching for a hand crafted cord for your workers, you can discover what you are searching for in different online lanyard business.

Embroidered Patches – Opportunities And Options

Traditionally, embroidered patches were handmade creations that decorated the robes of high priests and someone of royal blood. Craftsmen would create intricate patterns from expensive materials available only to the elite.

Nowadays, these embroideries are much more accessible. As a matter of fact, companies have started using these to build their business’ reputation and increase their customer base.

Let’s look at how your company can benefit from using these custom patches.


Give your brand a more sophisticated look by using an embroidered applique rather than silk screen printing. It makes your logo more elegant and professional rather than simply promotional. The colors you choose will appear sharper and catch more attention to get more prospects. With a choice of up to seven colors at no additional cost, you can choose the perfect shade and hue to create your desired effect. Metallic threads integrated into the stitching may be used to highlight the design and give your logo a little shine. Additional colors are also available at minimal cost.

By creatively combining colors and stitching, your logo gets a 3d effect that is certainly more noticeable than your competitors.


The logo embroidery will help you and your customers quickly identify your employees. Whether you run a retail or service business this added on security will definitely be a benefit.


Embroidered labels that are sewn on to the clothing last longer than silk screen printing and direct embroidery. The colors do not fade quickly with repeated washing as these are made to withstand industrial laundry. The plastic or fabric backing also protects these designs to ensure that they stay in shape and do not end up frayed or puckered.

Cost Effective

Although not the cheapest method of labeling available, it is definitely the most cost efficient. These embroidered insignias and logo’s last longer so they do not need to be replaced often hence saving you the hassle and cost of having to order more. An employee uniform can be months old without looking faded or worn out. There’s even a bigger chance of the shirt color fading before the embroidery does.


You can get a price quote to compare your choices and see that with embroidered appliques, you can save up to 30% on the cost of your labels.


Using patches are much more flexible than direct embroidery or silk screen printing as they can be attached to virtually anything. There are various backing and attachment options available that make this possible.

1. Tape backing – The embroidery can easily be attached and removed as needed. It is quick and does not need any special equipment.

2. Velcro backing – This is a convenient way to attach the design to the garment. It is perfect for multiple badges that need to be changed on a regular basis. It also preserves the quality of the embroidery as it can be removed when the clothing is being washed.

3. Plastic backing – This form of backing helps keep the shape for a longer time. It is more durable and can be used with the iron on backing as a faster attachment option.

4. Iron on backing – This form of backing provides you with a quick way to attach your patch to the garment. All you need is an iron and you are good to go.

5. Button loop – This option is perfect for something less permanent and designed to hang on the garment. It can be used to attach the embroidered logo on a button or a lapel and is easy to remove when no longer needed.

When creating your company’s embroidered logo, it is important that you choose the best manufacturer to partner with. We offer a wide array of options that you can choose from to create your custom patches. You have complete control of the colors, the size and the shape of the embroidered design. You can choose from different types of borders available that will work well with your logo. We offer classic Merrow borders for basic designs and hot cut edges for more intricate embroideries. You can visit our website for more information.

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Custom patches are a fantastic way to advertise your business, promote your charity organization, show your team spirit, and more! Click this website patches4less for more information about patches.

Improving your Swing with Golf Drivers: 5 Tips to Help you

As many experienced golfers will tell you, golf is like science. In fact, some would argue that there is a right way to swing golf drivers in order to make every shot as accurate as possible. Thus, a good golf swing is part physics and part biology. To result in a very perfect shot, there are a few things you have to think about.

golf playing

Base Support

First and foremost, you have to look at your base to see if it gives enough support in each shot. A poor base will always result you in either toppling over in each shot or your ball flying poorly. The best kind of base support in golf is a stance that can handle the shifting of weight in your upper body. To do this, make sure your feet are far apart and parallel to your shoulders. Also, keep your knees slightly bent as you bear the club to the ball. This allows you to transfer your entire weight to the golf drivers which results in a powerful and accurate shot.


Practice swinging is a habit that every golfer should develop so as to make their shots accurate. To do this properly, you must visualize where the ball will land as you hit it with the golf drivers. Don’t forget to factor in various environmental factors like trees and winds. At certain cases, these will play a huge role as to whether or not you can hit the intended target.

As soon as you visualize the ball’s trajectory, make sure that you feel comfortable with the hit with a few practice swings. This will also help you relax yourself as you make the hit. Once you are confident with your odds of making the ball land where you want it, you can assume the proper swinging maneuvers.

Relax Your Muscles

As you grip gold drivers and prepare for a shot, keep your arms relaxed and your grip decently tight. Being too tense as you take a shot will always result in too much strain in your arms which will make your performance progressively worse. Many individuals tend to grip golf drivers as if they were hockey sticks that always results in a miss. Just hold the handle firmly till you see the knuckles in your index and middle fingers while your non-dominant hand covers the other hand.

As you raise the club to take a hit, make a pause as you maintain the grip. If you do this slight pause, it will result in a fast swing when the ball makes full contact with the club head. In turn, this will create a longer drive which is necessary in long golf courses.

Rotate Your Hips

As soon as that club is bearing down on the ball, make sure that you rotate your hips to the direction of the ball. This will help you shift the entire weight of your upper body to the swing, letting the ball fly as high and far as you want it. However, don’t spin too vigorously as this might cause you to lose balance and injure yourself. It would be ideal that you avoid developing a sprained hip so as to keep on playing the game effectively.

Mind the Temper

The key to swinging golf drivers effectively lies in your ability to control your temper. Thus, it is no surprise that a lot of players tend to get progressively worse as they get angrier. Keeping calm and collected in golf will help you recover from every mistake and improve on your performance greatly. In time, you will be able to make near-accurate shots consistently.


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golfA good golf swing is part physics and part biology. To result in a very perfect shot, there are a few things you have to think about. This will also help you relax yourself as you make the hit.

How to Get your Own Custom Coins?

We have been serving our customers for years. That’s why we’ve seen how important these coins are to them. Recognitions and appreciations are abstract things that cannot be given away. That’s why they are using our coins as a way to say, “I recognize your efforts,” and “I appreciate what you have done.”

We feel proud and happy to see our coins used by different organizations to make people feel appreciated. That’s why we’re giving you some guidelines on how to have your own custom coins:

Do it yourself

You have an option to create your own coins. There are tons of DIY tips that you can find on the internet. However, doing them needs software and equipment. In addition to that, creating your own coins can be time-consuming, especially if you have to make fifty or hundreds of them. DIYs are recommended if you have a lot of time to design, a budget to buy metal casting equipment, background in 3D modelling, and you only have to make few coins.

Look for a reputable establishment that will make them for you

If you have to make fifties or hundreds of coins, and you don’t have the right equipment, you may want to look for someone who can efficiently make them for you.

custom coinsIt is important to do your research when choosing which company will accurately turn your custom coin ideas into physical goods, because you want to pay for something worth it. You have to do your research about the shipping cost, the additional fees, the shipping locations and more.

That’s why in our company, we’re giving free quotes and artwork, so our customers will have an option whether they would like to work with us or not.

In addition to that, you must do your research on how a company will involve you in the process. This is important because this will save your time and money.

Just like in our company in which the results are important to us. We’re always doing our job to use the best materials and resources in producing custom coins. In addition to that, we make sure that you are involved in every process. This is important for us because we want our coins to be identical to our clients’ ideas.

This is how we involve our customers in the making process.

1.    You send us your thoughts and ideas

We are using PC as a working platform. That’s why you can send any kind of files to us. We can even accept scanned files, drawings, photographs, or even just descriptions. We’ll continuously be working with you until we get your approval.

We can accept the following file formats:

•    .png
•    .gif
•    .jpg
•    .docx
•    .doc
•    .psd
•    .pptx
•    .ppt
•    .pdf
•    .ai
•    .eps
•    .svg
•    .tga
•    .tif
•    .txt
•    .qti
•    .jpeg
•    .zip
•    .rar
•    .7z

2.    You choose the shape you like.

Our molding process is new and different. The molding process is very easy for us to do that’s why we’re not charging additional fee in this procedure.

We just have to start by making round coins and cut the edges until we reach the shape that you like. We can shape the coins in any way you like. You can choose your coins to be just round, square, dog-tagged, or even star. We can even mold your coins into a bottle-opener style

3.    You choose the metal style.

The metal style that you will choose determines the base color of the coins. Generally, here are the different styles:

•    Black nickel metal
•    Polished copper
•    Antiqued copper
•    Polished brass
•    Antiqued brass
•    Polished silver
•    Antiqued silver
•    Polished gold
•    Antiqued gold

In addition to these, our company has the ability to combine different styles for a duo-tone look.

4.    You can get more options.

We have variety of customization services for our customers. Our only job is to their custom coins ideas into physical goods. That’s why we are using our various resources, with the help of our revolutionary equipment, in turning your ideas into real coins.

That’s why we have huge array of additional services to provide to our clients. It may involve revisions, cutting, enamel applications and more.

The following are just some of them:

•    Antiquing Effects
•    Velvet Boxes
•    Velvet Bags
•    Epoxy Coating
•    Tri-Tone Metal
•    Custom Shapes
•    Custom Inserts
•    Duo-Tone Metal
•    PVC Pouches
•    Diamond Cut Edges
•    Engraved Rim Text
•    Coin Cutouts
•    Coin Capsules
•    Translucent Enamel
•    3D Designs
•    Key chains
•    APO Shipping
•    Offset Digital Print
•    Sequential numbering
•    Bottle Openers

To sum it up, the key to get the custom coins you want is to have clear thoughts and ideas on what you want them to be. You must be able to express your ideas to the chosen company as clearly as possible.

Award Pins and Employee Recognition

In a 2012 comprehensive research done by Forbes Magazine regarding employee recognition, results have shown that:

  • most companies who regularly give appreciation to their employees outperform those that don’t
  • most recognition programs focus on tenure
  • tenure-based recognition doesn’t do anything to the company’s performance
  • modern-based recognition awards based on merit and outstanding performance have an enormous brunt on business performance
  • well-designed and thought-out recognition programs have a significant impact on employee turnover

Award PinsAward pins are one of the neat tools that companies all over the world utilize to pay tribute to outstanding employees. Both small and large companies who periodically give these awards can achieve lower “voluntary turnover rates”. This occurs when talented people leave the company on their own volition. Most corporations would shell out millions of dollars just to lower their voluntary turnover. Brain drain that results when key people leave the company is costly in terms of retraining and hiring new people. Research results show that well-designed programs that recognize exemplary employee performance can produce a lower “voluntary turnover rate.”

Companies must see to it that their employees are recognized based on clear-cut results and specific behaviors. Award pins that give recognition to individuals as “employee of the month” can be unclear. Instead, commendations should be granted to employees showing above par customer service even when a particular challenge or problem occurs. This can produce an environment of always “doing the right thing.” It likewise cultivates vital decision-making skills in employees and provides a good training ground for higher responsibilities.

It is interesting that employees appreciate and value peer-to-peer recognition rather than top-down recognition. Since peers know what is going on around the office and how everyone is doing on a daily basis, peer-to-peer recognition is more substantial. Often times, recognition from the bosses down to the ranks is perceived as political. Employees believe that this kind of recognition almost never reaches the “quiet but critical high-performers” of the company. When employees have a hand in designing a merit system and are part of its creation, it gives more credibility and meaning to everyone.

Sharing stories of recognition in company newsletters or blogs is a way of informing others. It also helps the community become engaged and learn at the same time. Award pins can be given to promote outstanding behavior and outcomes that the company values. These pins can be aspirational in nature and makes employees do better in their jobs, knowing that efforts are being recognized by the company. Poor performers are encouraged to strive more so that they, too, can be accorded with a reward.

When recognition is given easily and frequently, amazing things happen to employee morale and productivity. When standards are clear and expectations are clearly set, employees will give legitimacy to awards given to their peers. It also inspires people to do more and excel in their work.

Award pins tie the goals, vision, and mission of the company. They clearly show that teamwork, innovation, customer service and even cost-cutting is essential to business. Most often, managers, and CEOs focus on bottom line results. They seem to have forgotten how it feels to work hard without being appreciated.

Motivating employees to do an excellent job on a daily basis can be difficult. Engaging individuals in a complex organization requires creativity and planning. Leaders have to recognize that:

  • people who work in the company has innate human values
  • excellence should be rewarded
  • those who perform below par should be educated and encouraged even more
  • engaging means a commitment to shared objectives and setting up a great workplace for everyone